April Project List

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!


Past Projects

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Magic E

Students learned about the Magic “E”, or Silent “E”. They listened to the song by KidsTV123  and then created their very own Magic “E” wand and book.


They reviewed the concept of the Magic “E” the next day by putting on moustaches and walking around the room saying “I moustache

you a question.” Check out the slide shows  below.



Magic “E” Sideshow



3D Shapes

Students used marshmallows to review 2D and 3D shapes by creating them out of marshmallows and toothpicks. And maybe, just maybe, they were able to eat a few too!


Marshmallow Shapes

Shaptastic Connor!

The Brain Show

Studetns listened to and sang along with Pete the Cat to learn about subtraction.


Students then created their own subtraction problem and illustrated their own Pete the Cat.


Subtraction Slide Show


Watch Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and other Pete the Cat stories on YouTube.

Earth Day Links


Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day


Reduce Reuse Recycle - Jack Johnson


Going Green - Harry Kindergarten Music

Funny Bunny

Students learned about character traits using Peter Rabbit. First they wrote about Peter in their journals. Then we drew Peter together and they were able to illustrate details from the setting of the story


Students followed directions to draw a bunny and then used water color to paint him.


Bunny Painting



Peep time!

Students made a giant bunny peep, named their character and they wrote what it liked to do. 


They also completed some peep number sequencing before their PTA Spring party!


Bunny Peep Slideshow

Thanks to Fairview’s PTA the Brain Show came to Fairview! Students had a great time answering questions and completing silly dances.


The Brain Show



Earth Day!

Students celebrated our “Home Sweet Home” by making big Earth ice cream cones and illustrating four ways they can help the Earth.


We also talked about how trash can pile up quickly, and read a all about our planet.


Listen to the students take the pledge below and watch them work in the slideshow.


Earth Day Pledge


Earth Day Slideshow



April Song

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Coming Soon!



Ella is quite the artist!

Looks great Anna!

Hunter is having a great time at the party!

The class did an awesome job with their plain shapes and have moved on to three dimensional shapes. Anna and Abby are testing some of the shapes properties by seeing which shapes can, slide, roll and stack!

3D Shapes

April showers bring May flowers! Actually this is not completely true check out the video below for the facts!


1886 Proverb Explained

Spring has Sprung

Students learned about self expression, not being able to try, and believing in themselves through Peter H. Reynolds  The Dot and Ish. They enjoyed each story and then were able to “make their mark” by creating their very own dot.


The Dot Slide Show

The class really enjoyed Emily Arrows song about The Dot! Visit her YouTube channel for more great relaxing music.


Emily Arrow

The Dot

Pete the Cat: Buttons