December Project List

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!


Past Projects

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The class again earned all the letters in OnTrack. They voted and decided to have a classroom popcorn party. Way to go and keep up the great work!

Are Gianna and Liam working hard, or are they hardly working??? They are both doing a  wonderful job here!

Popcorn Party

Weekly Poem

This week the students worked on the poem “Cute Little Snowman” for their poetry notebooks. They also made a snowman project to display in our room. Poor little snowman…..just look at his expression!

Watch Them Work Here


Mason is doing his best!. Nice work!

Vowel Bats

Students have been working on learning their short and long vowel sounds in a variety of ways. They are also working on applying them to CVC ( Consonant Vowel Consonant) words. Ex. Sun, man, hot.


They listened to the song Vowels Bats and created some Christmas Bats to surround our Grinch door.


Watch them work here!

Draven is working away on his vowels!

Check out these other vowel songs:


Scratch Garden        Andy Pidcock        The Kiboomers     

Bernie the Reindeer

Students learned that everyone has something special about them, but sometimes it takes awhile to find out what it is. They created project for the hall and sang a fun song about Bernie the reindeer who’s nose doesn’t glow, doesn’t like snow, and doesn’t say “Ho,ho, ho!”


Watch them work here!


Listen to the song again, here!

Holiday Fun

Students had lots of fun this month exploring the holidays. Santa even came to visit! Hopefully your special finger print light gift made it home safely. Big thanks to the PTA and the homeroom parents for a fun party. Be sure to check the video below for a recap!


Holiday Fun Slideshow


Love that hair Kianna!

Check out RJ working on his snowman!

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Watch and listen here!


Check out the bonus song below!


December Song

Students talked about needs and wants. They created stockings to show what they learned., not only for the holiday but in life. They also helped decorate our promethean board with the own custom stocking. 


Watch them work here!


Students used their creativity do decorate a tree for our classroom. Ell is all ready to have hers hang from the ceiling. Great work!



Students have begun working on addition. Check out the addition songs below.


Have Fun Teaching


Harry Kindergarten Music


Dream English Kids

Connor and Maegan are using our adding  machine!

The Grinch

“You’re a mean on Mr. Krokos!” at least that’s what I hear them say. :) Students watched someone illustrate parts of the Grinch and then created their very own. They used kid writing to tell how they would make him grin.

Watch Them Work Here

Watch the illustration here!

Abigail is taking her time to get the Grinch eyes just right.

Check our the finale from our sing-a-long! Featuring  Ms. Meckes on flute, Mrs. Bluhm and Mrs. Macking on bells, and myself on guitar.


Carol of the Bells