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February Project List

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We  made it together to the 100th day of school!


The students celebrated in a big way! They made a 100 piece cereal necklace, counted to 100, tried to make a 100 cup structure, wrote to 100 to earn a $100 bill with their picture on it, and had a 100th day parade.


Whew, what a busy day! Only 80 more exciting days of fun and learning left.





Students enjoyed making the heart themed butterfly  craft to help decorate the room for February. They did an excellent job tracing and cutting out the hearts themselves.


Butterfly Slideshow

Students are working hard on their action words (verbs) this month.


Check out the links below with your child and see if you can keep up!


Actions 1 - Elf Learning


Actions 2 - Elf Learning


Verb Rap - Have Fun Teaching


100 Days Smarter

Valentine's Day

Here are some songs the children really enjoyed about coins.


Coins by        Penny You’re the One            Nickelish


Dime and Dime Again                  Quarterrific

Puppy Love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day the students listened to the story Olive, My Love. They then created an “olive” valentine for someone special. Maybe it was you!


Check out he story again below,,


Olive My Love

Great job Connor!

Most of the students were under the impression that old people don’t smile, so many  didn’t for their 100 year old picture. While they all dressed like 100 year olds, be sure to check out the slide show of your child aged 100 years with the Oldify App.


100 year old students

Check out all the 100th day festivities in the slideshow below!


100th Day Activities

Presidents Day

To celebrate President’s Day students worked on centers with money to practice their skip counting, and create as many dollars as they could from cents.. Also, this week’s poem was about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.



King of -ing

Students created a castle for the King of -ing to help them recognize the ending sound, and open them up to spell and use more words in their writing.


Check them out below!


King of -ing Slideshow



Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Watch and listen here!



February Song

Is Ben working hard or hardly working?!?!

Abraham Lincoln

To celebrate Presidents Day, Students learned about President Abraham Lincoln and reviewed numbers 1-100 with this fun project. Be sure to check back for George Washington.


Lincoln Slideshow

Nice job Bridget!

This week the students practiced the letter K. They listened to information stories about Koala and watched  short clips of Koala Most important they learned “A Koala is not a bear!”


After the Koala came the Kangaroos. Students learned about these marsupials, as well. Along with learning both baby Koala and Kangaroos are called joeys, they also looked at some other animals and their offspring.


Later students created their very own kangaroo to hold an animal flash card game in its pouch.


Kangaroo Slideshow

Presidents Day

Gianna is working hard!