Students have been working hard on learing their addition facts to ten. They have used number lines, an adding machine, number bonds, and the strategy of counting on.


We will continue to work on additon facts to the number ten for the rest of the year, word problems and also adding the numbers 1-9 to the number 10.


Addition Slide Show


Check out these helpful links:


Math Magician Game

Adding Doubles Song

Doggy Addition

Addition and Subtraction Song

Devin and Natalie are working together to get the sum!


Past Projects

March Project List

Jack and the Beanstalk

Students worked on the letter “Jj” and read the stories Jack and the Beanstalk and Kate and the Beanstalk. They compared and contrasted the two stories in a large group discussion.


After, they diagrammed a plant and wrote a sentence about what plants need. Then the students planted some “magic” lima beans on our classroom window.


The studens also reviewed what a life cycle is and created a mini-book about he plant life cycle.


See them working here!

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!

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Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

On March 9th students celebrated Dr.Seuss and all his crazy rhymes! They wore a Thing badge all day which they made by revealing and identifying a number from 1 to 23.  There was a Thing 1 and Thing 2 photobooth, a Thing 1 Diagram, Thing 1 and Thing 2 word/number match, and a Thing 1 an Thing 2 math addition game.


Be sure to check out the slideshow and their photos below!


Check out the slide show here!


 Thing 1 and Thing 2 pictures here!

Happy March! Students helped get the room ready for March by making these Leprechauns to hang from our ceiling.


Lucky Leprechauns


Giant Drawings

The Letter “Ee”

The week students practiced the letter “Ee”. They listened to the stories Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones and Hedgie's Surprise.


Students created a egg game with animals that hatch from eggs and animals that do not.


They talked about setting, characters, and events in Hedgie’s Surprise and created a Hedgie “Is, Has, Can” project.


They also completed and information writing in their journals that featured a chicken diagram.


Eggs Slide Show


Lastly the students conducted an “Eggs”periment!  Be sure to click below to see what they did.



Egg” cellent job Addyson and Devin!

Hallway Leprechauns

Student helped again to get into the March spirit by creating a leprechaun to hang on the giant hallway rainbow!

In keeping with the Jack and the Beanstalk theme students created a difficult perspective drawing of a giant. They worked hard and did a wonderful job!


Giant Slideshow


Checkout Cool School with Miss Booksy below and her version of the story.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Mystery Box

To keep up the students excitement for writing they were shown the Mystery Box!


Students enjoyed being shown different pictures in the box. They then had to illustrate the picture and then write about the experience.


What was inside the box? Check the video to the right to find out!



Leprechaun Traps

After explaining how they worked, students finally were able to set up their leprechaun traps. They were not, however, able to catch one!


Instead the Leprechaun trashed our room looking for the real gold and not all their tricks! He did leave them a surprise and nice note so I guess leprechauns aren’t so bad!


See what happened here!

OnTrack Popsicle Party

Meet an Author

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Watch and listen here!



March Song


Oh yes….an exciting week with the letter Uu in Kindergarten as you could imagine! We read Monster’s Love Underpants, Aliens Love Underpants, The Underpants Zoo and our weekly poem was even about underwear.


Students wrote about what they would do if an alien came to visit them, and then made their very own giant alien (in underpants of course)!


Alien Slideshow


Karate Kids

Students worked on place value throwback Karate Kid style! They had to come up and chop a number into tens and ones. Of course they had to wear the headband! 


They each earned a certificate stating their kindergarten karate rank for composing and decomposing numbers. We also worked at different centers to practice the concept.



Karate Kids Slide Show

Be careful Ginno! That is quite a chop Mia has!

Check out  “You’re the Best” video from the original Karate Kid here!

Thanks to Mrs. Funk students had a chance to meet a real author. Arla Jayne came to our school and read her book Hayden The Perfect Hedgehog.


She also spoke about how the illustrations were created by the publisher.




Students have been learning about Adjectives, telling words, this month. We are starting to use them in our writings.


To help the students remember, we created this little Adjective spider project.

Students earned OnTrack and were rewarded with a popsicle party.


They also learned that popsicles were invented over 100 years ago by an 11 year old!


 How the Popsicle was invented?