May Project List

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!

Past Projects

May the 4th Be With You

Students had a fun and educational day celebrating Star Wars Day, May 4th, with lots of activities. So much so that the day needed its own pageÖ



May the 4th Slideshows


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Motherís Day

Students created a newspaper page and card for Motherís Day. We also read a funny book about what momís canít do (they really do it all) and a book about all the different jobs momís have.


Motherís Day Slideshow


Enjoy these fun Motherís Day songs together!


I love you Mommy! ††††† Happy Motherís Day!


On Motherís Day††††††††† Sometimes Mom Says

Happy Motherís Day to all the Momís out there!

June† 1st is almost here!

Kindergarten is practicing hard for graduation!

Shoe Graph

Students took off their shows to organize information and make a make a concrete graph. After it was completed they used it so answer some math questions.


Stinky Slideshow



P.U.! Getting a little stinky for math in Kindergarten !

Sum Glasses

Students reviewed their† math addition facts in a fun way with ďsumĒ glasses! Each student was able to work outside and even wear their glasses for Math when they came back inside!


Sum Glasses Slideshow



Looking cool Bryn!

Students listened to Tiny Seeds by Eric Carle. After the story they drew their won seed and had it go on an adventure in their journals. Then in the afternoon they each planted their very own seed to grow on the window. We have some sprouts!


Planting Slideshow



Tiny Seed

During the week students listened to three crayon books, The Day the Crayons Quit, The Day the Crayons Came Back, and Red. Thank you to Zach and Cole for donating them to our classroom library this year.


After the stories they had to write a letter to their favorite crayon to try and get them to come back. They also reviewed addition with crayons and their word wall color words with a scrambler worksheet.


Last students watch how crayons out made. Check it out again...




Crayon Slideshow



Lauren and Jake are working hard on their crayon activities!


To review subtraction students listened to Pete the Catís 4 Groovy Buttons and then drew their very own Pete the Cat to tell a number story.


Pete the Cat Slideshow



Pete the Cat

Students helped to create part of a banner for our Veterans Day assembly. Watch them work below.


Memorial Day Slideshow



Katie is working hard to get her medal just right!

Memorial Day

Students performed Eric Carlís Little Cloud in Black lights! They worked very hard on their lines, puppeting skills and working together.


They also learned about how clouds are formed, reviewed their 3D shapes, and practiced sentencing writing!


Little Cloud Slideshow



Little Cloud

Thanks to the Fairview PTA, this month we witnessed part of the caterpillar life cycle. Our caterpillars went from babies, to chrysalises, to butterflies. After we took some fun photos we released them outside.


Butterfly Slideshow



Mantids and Butterflies

Watch (hear) the performance here!

Students also were able to witness part of the Praying Mantis lifecycle. We successfully hatched nymph mantids. One pod can hatch anywhere from 100 to 400 mantids. We released some outside of the school. Hopefully they will take up residence there!


Mantid Slideshow



May Song

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Watch and listen here!